Jeff Parks, Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Jeffrey Parks, San Jacinto College 

When I gave my inauguration speech at the beginning of the year my message was about “Change”. The definition of “Change” according the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “to make or become different”. This year we as leaders of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce will be collaborating with our community, friends, neighbors, our employees and families during this time of change. What is the change that we will see? How will this change affect me? I will address these questions and others as part of my letter to you the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce members.

What is the change that we will see? How will this change affect me?” These are questions that everyone is asking in this political year. No matter what your political affiliation there will be change this year at the highest political office in our country. Eight years of a U.S. President’s administration will be leaving. The challenge of change not only in the office of the Commander in Chief including the entire executive staff but also various government departments with new Secretaries that report to the President. Wow! That is the definition of “Change”.

How does that affect us in Deer Park and in the Chamber of Commerce as a whole? We as business leaders in the community deal with change on a regular basis. Change is a good thing! The following wisdom was shared with me a long time ago “you are either green and growing or you are ripe and rotting”. An employee resigns, an employee is hired, a new ordinance is passed, a new road is built, etc. these are examples of change we deal with in our Deer Park lives. The important thing is how we react in times of change.

Understanding what is important to address and how to react is the reason you are a leader in your business. Because you have the skillsets to not only understand change in your business but to mitigate the effects change will have on you and your employees is key to the success of your business. This is how your Deer Park Chamber can help. You have the leadership skillsets but you may have an employee that is “green and ready to grow” and needs the leadership skillsets developed for the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce Business Leaders Series proudly sponsored by Shell. The Business Leaders Series has various training modules that can provide the skillsets your employees need so they are “green and growing” not “ripe and rotting”. I highly encourage you to reach out to Tim Culp and his team to enroll your leaders in the Business Leaders Series. This is an outstanding opportunity for you to send your employees to excellent leadership development training while supporting the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce.

Lastly, I want to thank Tim Culp and the entire staff including Grace, Naomi, Wanda and all the volunteers for the hard work and dedication they provide to the Chamber members and the board. I would also like to thank the members of the Chamber for their continue support. Don’t forget to support your local Deer Park Chamber of Commerce businesses!


Jeff Parks

Chairman of the Board

Deer Park Chamber of Commerce