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Business Leaders Series: Course 9

Date: Tuesday, Dec 13  8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Location:La Quinta Inn & Suites
Address:1400 East Blvd.
Deer Park, TX  77536
Contact: Naomi Richison
Phone: (281) 479-1559
Email: naomi@deerparkchamber.org
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Course 9: Mastering The Telephone

Mastering the telephone seems easy and most everyone believes they already have all the skills necessary to effectively use the telephone properly. Well, it’s true the physical use of a telephone is easy, but does everyone know how to use the phone as a business tool and be successful at it? Through Mastering The Telephone, you will learn the skills and techniques to have “TeleSuccess” by mastering the proper use of the telephone as a business avenue for Deer Park.

During this session, you’ll gain the knowledge to leverage your new telephone skills in order to be a more effective communicator. Learn the eight components of “TeleSuccess” and why each is important. Discover why your introduction is critical to the success of the entire call. Uncover the items which must be included in the body of a call and learn the many ways to open a relationship during your telephone calls. Discover how to transition properly during a call and the model of a transition. Gain the knowledge to make successful rebuttals and be more convincing while on the telephone. Learn buying signs and how to listen for them during your conversation. Find out why the person on the other end of the phone must always clearly understand what will happen next. Learn the manner in which to politely disconnect the call, while enhancing the image of Deer Park. Discover the techniques of success; through voice quality, the keys to good listening, staying focused on the call and proper feedback. You will encounter many types of listeners during your calls, so it is important to learn the types of listeners plus how to engage each one specifically.

At this session explore our proven telephone techniques, which will transform the telephone into a powerful business tool for Deer Park. Learn the skills necessary to make calls with confidence; through, an exciting, inspiring and fun learning experience.


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