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Business Growth Series: Course 6

Date: Tuesday, Oct 31  8:30 AM to 11:30 PM
Location:La Quinta Inn & Suites
Address:1400 East Blvd.
Deer Park, TX  77536
Contact: Naomi Richison
Phone: (281) 479-1559
Email: naomi@deerparkchamber.org
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  • Course 6: 12 Steps to a Sales Culture ($75.00)
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    Course 6: 12 Steps to a Sales Culture

    Regardless of the company, the ONLY culture that will ensure future sales growth and sustained profitability is a sales-centric one. Learn the twelve steps necessary to create one for your firm:

    1.COMMUNICATE a clear understanding of the What, Why and How

    2.COMMIT to endorse and support (Sales Culture) from the top down

    3.ASSESS the entire organization to establish a benchmark

    4.TRAIN for Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits

    5.INCLUDE all employees in the learning process

    6.CREATE a systematic approach to selling

    7.INSTITUTE an incentive plan that rewards desired behaviors

    8.DEVELOP a quantifiable measurement system for activities and results

    9.CELEBRATE successes as they occur

    10.IMPLEMENT new processes and procedures

    11.HOLD all employees accountable

    12.REFINE (Sales) culture efforts, continuously