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Business Growth Series: Course 5

Date: Tuesday, Sep 26  8:30 AM to 11:30 PM
Location:La Quinta Inn & Suites
Address:1400 East Blvd.
Deer Park, TX  77536
Contact: Naomi Richison
Phone: (281) 479-1559
Email: naomi@deerparkchamber.org
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Course 5: Selling at C Level

Selling at the “C” Level within an organization is different from selling at other levels within the same organization. There are specific methods and techniques to take into account when dealing with the person that is the top decision maker for the entire company and that person has a different way of viewing you, and what you are selling. Through “Selling At Sea (C) Level”, you will learn the proper approach to utilize when engaging a top-level executive and the steps to follow through your journey at Sea “C” level.

During this session, you’ll learn the principles behind how decision makers think and what they are truly concerned about when making a purchase. Discover what to do before you make a sales call or appointment with a top executive and what they will be looking for when meeting with you. Gain insight into what is appropriate and needed at the appointment with the leader. Learn the correct post-call techniques and who within a company is important other than the executive you are prospecting. Uncover what is needed to be successful when selling at the “C” Level and what you must accomplish to understand why they are who they are and do what they do.

At this session, be ready to explore proven methods to interact and engage “C” level executives, which will give you and your firm an advantage at the highest level within organizations. Through this exciting, inspiring and fun learning experience, you will become prepared to move to the next level.