Hall of Honor

The Felton F. Waggoner Hall of Honor Board would like to take this opportunity to invite you join us in recognizing four outstanding individuals for induction into the Hall of Honor. Designed to recognize former Deer Park High School graduates who have excelled in their field of expertise and made significant contributions to their respective communities, the Hall of Honor is named for Felton F. Waggoner, a former high school principal who served the district from 1950 until his retirement in 1973.

Twelve inductees were initially honored in 1997 and each school year, four inductees have been added.  An exhibit is on display in the mall of the south campus high school where the inductees are artistically portrayed with a brief history of their accomplishments.

It is important for the members of this organization to keep the standards high for the selection of honorees.  We want the members to represent a diverse cross section of the quality of former graduates who have continued to represent excellence in their personal and professional lives.

Each year, a nominating committee made up of Hall of Honor Board Members selects twenty of the nominees to be presented to the nineteen-member Board.  The board narrows the field until a maximum of four individuals are chosen to be inducted into the Hall of Honor.  These individuals are then honored at the annual Felton F. Waggoner Hall of Honor Banquet and Induction Ceremony.

Ninety-six graduates have been honored since 1997. They are:

Arnold Adair, Tommy D. Archer, Christina Aubry-Monson, Kara McMahon Bailey, Byrd B. Baggett, Blake Barnes, Michael Beard, Sylvia L. Beckey, Chelsi Smith Blair, Brett Boudreaux, Greg Bridges, David M. Brown, Colin Broussard, Marion B. Young Brown, Dana Lamb Bullington, Douglas D. Burgess, Adrian Burke, Chad Burke, Jimmy Burke, Larry Cansler, W. A. Carpenter, Jr., Marla Davis Chandler, Arianne Chavez-Frazier, Donna Collom,  Lt. Col. Nathan Colunga, Wade Conner, Robin Coody Cook, John T. Dang, Laura Dawson, Paul Dawson, Wallace Dominey, Nancy Dornon, Christopher K. Dreiling, Lisa Duchamp, Leland Robin Enochs, Dena Evans, Marlin D. Fenn, Jeffery Fisher, Delecia Fuller-Turner, Larry W. Garnett, Anthony Gibson, Mary Lynn Urban-Hale, Brad Hance, Earl Hatcher, Danika Hayman, Greg Hayman, Don Hendrix, Joe Hodge, Eddie Hollub, Laura Howell-Sweeny, Scott Huettel, Larry C. Johnson, Millard Johnson, Tim Junek, Jo Kiefer, Karleen Koen, Henry J. Krebs III, Dean Lawther, Lou Adele Dorrell May, Shane May, Susan McBee-Mele, Michael McCulloch, Curtis Glenn McDonald, Steven McDonald, Casey McGuire, Brad H. McLean, Frank McLean, Mary Kelly Miller, John Nail, Kevan O’Banion, Jackie Nink Olsen, Luis Orosco, John R. Payne, Andy Pettitte, Elizabeth Ware Powitzky, Corey Pullig, David C. Reel, Jeffery Renfro, Chris Richey, Randall Roberts, David Simmons, Joseph O. Slovacek, Mike Switzer, Ryan Taylor, Donna Medford Tobias, Glenn Tolar, Ted Townsend, Jeff N. Turner, Garry Van Trease, Tim Vaughn, Gary Walters, Barbara Yeary Wells, Ann Rich West, Greg Westmoreland, David Wheat, Jr., Victor White, Erik Wise, Leon Wolters, David Wuthrich and Paul Wuthrich.

Please help us to choose the 24th class to be inducted, by nominating your choice of Deer Park Graduate.

Click here to nominate online.

The 2019 Inductees. From left to right: Christina Aubry-Monson, Blake Boudreaux,

Scott Pullig Standing in for Corey Pullig, and Michael Sweeny Standing in for Laura Howell-Sweeny