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Welcome to the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce

About the Chamber

Mission Statement

To enhance the economic vitality of our members and the quality of life in Deer Park.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the organization of choice for business development.

Core Values 

Core Values

We lead by modeling the way to build positive relationships and strategic partnerships. We endeavor to be a high-performing, innovative, and creative organization that is recognized as a positive influence in the community and marketplace.

We are enthusiastic about networking, education, economic development, supporting local, and advocating for Deer Park, Texas. Our work is important to us. We take pride in the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce.

We strive to be the organization of choice for business solutions. We exist because our members see value in our work. We are efficiently working on behalf of our members to provide services and solutions to their needs and those of the bordering community.

We are committed to preserving a prosperous economic environment by responding to members' needs, connecting businesses together, and improving business opportunities within Deer Park.

What Does Your Chamber Do for You?

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is only as strong as its members. A strong Chamber is able to assist businesses, large and small, with many programs aimed at building a better business network and community. In such a close-knit community as Deer Park, these ties become stronger.

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is more than luncheons and events every month. It’s holding workshops to build strong business foundations. It’s hosting leadership seminars to mentor and groom those who will take us into tomorrow. It’s you having a voice on the floors of the Texas Legislature and United States Congress. It’s you, and those who think similarly to you, wanting to have a better business while building a stronger community.

However, your Chamber is here for you too. We provide a weekly newsletter to keep you informed of upcoming events. We also provide governmental updates to inform you of how our elected officials are making decisions that affect you and your business. For businesses that export goods into the global marketplace, your Chamber provides certificates of origin.

Joining and maintaining membership in the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is an investment into your business and a strong Deer Park community. The leaders of the Chamber are volunteers who understand this investment and want its benefits to be stronger for all members. Your time, talent, and resources are the foundations of the area’s best network of business people, government agencies, consumers, and residents – all of whom are your customers.

Meet Chamber Staff

Paula Headshot 3
Paula Moorhaj, IOM



Ruth Boyd

Resident Volunteer


Melissa Headshot
Melissa Caylor

Membership Director


Isabella Pena
Isabella Pena

Marketing Coordinator


Alejandra Headshot
Alejandra Villafana

Office Admin