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Welcome to the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce


Whitley Kelley

"My experience with the chamber has surpassed my initial expectations. I've had the privilege of connecting with exceptional individuals, fostering valuable relationships, and forming meaningful friendships. These connections have not only significantly bolstered my business by providing enthusiastic referrals but have also facilitated the organization of insightful events aimed at enhancing my business strategies. I eagerly anticipate continued engagement with the chamber and the profound benefits it will continue to bring to my business."

Whitley Kelley

KSW Chiropractic 


"I am thrilled to share my positive experience with the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce. Since joining on June 23, I have been met with nothing but kindness and helpfulness from everyone in the office. Their dedication to helping small businesses grow in the community is evident in their actions and support.

One of the highlights of my membership was participating in the New Teachers Luncheon where I had a booth. The exposure and networking opportunities provided by the Chamber were invaluable. From that one event alone, I received 10 bookings and a few consultations, which greatly contributed to the growth of my business.

I am excited to continue working with the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce and take advantage of the various networking events and resources they offer. If you are a small business owner looking to expand and connect with the local community, I highly recommend joining the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce."

Anne-Lyse Verkilen

Cruise Planners

Doug Kaler

“Being a part of this wonderful Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is a great way to meet new friends and new colleagues all needs for your business. The chamber staff is wonderful and is always there when you need something. We, as a local Church family, want to be there so that we can support all of our local businesses and non-profits for any of their needs. Join the Chamber today.”

Doug Kaler 

Central Baptist Church

Amanda DeAlejandro

“When we first met the people at the Deer Park Chamber, we knew we met our extended family. Paula, Melissa, and Bella were not only the nicest people but they wanted us to succeed as much as we do. They continue to help spread the word about who Community First ER really is and the values we have. Thank you to this amazing team for everything.”

Amanda DeAlejandro

Community First ER