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Welcome to the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Deer Park

Mission Statement

Dedicated to building a network for present and future leadership roles.


-Broaden the volunteer base.

-Develop the realization that leadership is not only an honor, but also a public responsibility.

-Identify and train new and emerging leadership for effective voluntary participation in community affairs.

-Provide opportunities for communication between emerging and established leadership

-To be a source of qualified and trained leadership for public and private agencies, organizations, planning bodies, and commission.

Core Values

Leadership–it’s what we do.

We raise it. We model it. We expect it.

It’s “We,” Not “Me.”

We come together, connect, and collaborate.

Excellence–Not Perfection.

We challenge ourselves and others to do better.

Character Counts.

Who we are is more important than what we do.

We’re In On What’s Up.

We stay relevant and informed.

Lifetime Learning.

There’s always room for leaders to grow.

People Matter.

Relationships are key.

We Give Back.

We leverage our roles for the betterment of our community.

Leave Our Mark.

We challenge ourselves and others to make a lasting impression.


Deer Park Chamber Leadership Logo

*Please turn applications to the Deer Park Chamber office by July 1, 2022 @ 4pm.

(120 E 8th Street Deer Park, Tx 77536)

2022-2023 Schedule

July 1     Applications due

July 8     Class Selection

August 5     Retreat

September 9     Industry/Port Houston

October 17     Education Day

November 4     Non-Profit

December 6     City/Government

January 6     Project Planning

February 3     Fire, Police, & EMS

March 3     Austin Trip

April 7     Healthcare

May 5     Transportation

May 9     Leadership Deer Park Graduation

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