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Welcome to the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce

A Message from the Chair of the Board


Dear Chamber Member,

Thank you for being or becoming a member of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce.  What a wonderful opportunity we have been given by being members of our Deer Park Chamber of Commerce.  I hope you take advantage of these opportunities of which I speak.

Networking is typically the best method of how we grow our businesses.  Advertising has its place, but it is personal relationships, knowing the owner or employee of a business, that helps build trust and confidence in their and our workmanship or product. The Chamber gives us opportunities to meet one another at Monthly Luncheons, Membership Breakfasts and After Hour Socials to build relationships and, perhaps, new friendships.

So how do we know when and where to meet other business owners or representatives?  There are several methods to stay in tune with the latest happenings:  First, the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce website:  Here, you may browse the general information, or you may log in with your personal username and password to access deeper information.  Second, the weekly newsletters sent via email will keep you up to date on upcoming events and opportunities to network.  I look forward to those as great reminders of things to put on my calendar. Third, the annual Membership Directory. Much like we used to have a “phone book”, we can access members that have goods or services we need.  I can look up a business as the type I need or by their specific name. I personally would rather do business with someone who contributes to my community than just some name that comes up from a web search.

Chamber of Commerce membership gives you opportunities. Let me encourage you to utilize the opportunities that abound with your Chamber membership.  Grow your business and your contacts as you do so.

I hope to see you at the various functions of which we both take advantage. I look forward to a year of fun, friendships, and OPPORTUNITIES!!

Warm Regards,

Beckie Stockstill Cobb

Chair of the Board

Stockstill & Associates